Butterfly – It Is Not!

July 11th, 2005 - Monday

This butterfly flew into the apartment at 7.45pm just now. It is bigger than my palm from wing tip to wing tip. At the time of posting this entry, the butterfly is still somewhere in the kitchen. This is one of the bigger butterflies I have seen.

Thanks to CJ who informed me that its scientific name is Lyssa zampa and mike who pointed out that it is a moth.

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31 Responses to “Butterfly – It Is Not!”

  1. CJ says:

    Saw one of this on Maxwell Hill too, my bio teacher told me it’s Lyssa zampa, a kind of moth. Just for interest. Haha

  2. JxT2J says:

    That’s huge.

  3. frostier says:

    I had the same one too.

  4. Jaxon says:

    looks like we have the same type of butterfly, peter. old folks in my kampung believe this type of bufferfly brings visitors to the house…

  5. sue-n says:

    yea, i once heard that a butterfly in the house means that there’s visitor to the house..

  6. Sean says:

    I have been having the same butterfly in my house for the past one week. Got hit by the ceiling fan. Not sure if it is a good sign or otherwise.

  7. blinkiblink says:

    ya.. this kind of butterfly been to my house last 2 weeks.. old folks said that it is somebody u know come back to visit u..( dunno whether true or not)..

  8. simyin says:

    everytime when there’s this kinda butterfly flying around my house, my gramma used to tell me that it’s my ah kong coming back for a visit =) and that was years ago.

  9. Joe says:

    ya lo ya lo, my mom also told me same thing – got visitor ah! May b it’s their way of scaring d little one so they wont go play wif d butterfly or kill it.

  10. charlyn says:

    hmmm …. i hv the same thing happening to me yar these two months … go back batu pahat, 2 appeared in my room, come back to KL …another one in my toilet. and i stay at the 13th floor …wonder how they flew up? but they are like everywhere! maybe its a sign …….

  11. terry says:

    i saw one at upper penang road, during night time, on an AWAS sign, along the busy road. took pictures with cindy’s camera. waiting for her to pass them to me…

  12. mike says:

    Its a moth and if u use the new highway to Kuantan, u will see lots of it sticking to buildings at the last toll. Er….. cant count them

  13. Jinny says:

    I’ve got one in my room right now :) The same one

  14. Cherry says:

    It must be your mum who came back to visit. I believe in it because everytime someone dies, a butterfly appears.

  15. Kiasi says:

    WAah… now butterfly seson already. When I was back to my hometown, a same spesies butterfly was in my uncle’s house. I also saw it at a roadside stall. My class also got this spesies of butterfly hanging on top f the ceiling. Was at there for a week already.

  16. Liz says:

    Wow, you actually took a picture of a giant moth bigger than your palm? I would’ve run away screaming! ;P

  17. Peter says:

    Thanks for sharing its scientific name.

    It was!

    I think this is one of the more prevalent species.

    I was told that too.

    What kind of visitor?

    It must have been famished.

    Maybe this is its mating season?

    It probably was blown up by the wind.

    Looking forward to your entry on this too.

    There must be a colony of it somewhere near there.

    You too…

    I would like to believe that but…

    This thing is everywhere.

    I was actually scared that it would settle on my body somewhere. If that happened, I would be screaming too.

  18. anthraxxxx says:

    Hmmm i noticed there’s alot of this kind of gigantic moths flying around our neighbourhood lately.

  19. KY says:

    that’s a moth, no?

  20. ST says:

    i’ve seen a lot of these big butterflies lately especially near my workplace. one was torn into 2 pieces. I felt weird seeing too many of them suddenly. why? is it because their home has been invaded and they have no where to fly to? or is it because of some other reasons?

  21. me says:

    Its an atlas moth…one of the biggest moth species in the world i think, alongside the lunar moth or something like that…

  22. KODA says:

    Wow! I just love butterflies! They’re so beautiful! I hope you’re doing well Peter! Think of you often & pray for you daily! Huggz! Koda

  23. dave says:

    you know what? this is strange because the same looking insect is also in my home!! i don’t know how it came in: all of the windows are sealed shut and the grills are all way too small for anything of that size to get through. ack! my mum’s dead scared of it. she wants to shelltox it.

  24. simon says:

    my office building is swarmed by these beauties the last 2 months. lately i noticed even suria is the same. they’re quite beautiful, in a brownish sort of way. i resisted the urge to snap them, coz they always stick to the glass panel (so probably won’t be a good pix).

    but day if i see one of them rest on a flower or leaf…

  25. Peter says:

    Looks like it is prevalent lately. Where are you at?

    Yes, it is a moth.

    I absolutely have no idea.

    I do not think that is an Atlas moth.

    I am fine… I think. Thanks. Peace be with you.

    There must have been a gap somewhere.

    Its size makes it a novelty. I could not resist the urge to take a shot of it. :P

  26. Life Feel says:

    I heard some morphs are poisonous

    click this link and have a read :

    a blog reader
    - life feel

  27. Peter says:

    Life Feel,
    Thanks for informing us.

  28. Otterman says:

    It’s Lyssa zampa as someone pointed out. See more information here.

  29. Peter says:

    Thanks for sharing too.

  30. siu says:

    I have moth and butterfly phobia. These days, I have get home before 7pm. No more going out after 7pm. Lots of them at the staircase. Major problem. I don’t remember seeing this many previous years. What happen? Anyone out there knows whether they are seasonal?

  31. Peter says:

    I guess this is a seasonal thing. Th weather could have a hand too. Take care.