Caught In The Act

Jalan P. Ramlee
Photo by Wuan.

William, Cynthia, Wuan and I were chilling out at Jalan P. Ramlee?s Coffee Bean one early Saturday morning. We sat out at the patio and were just contented with watching the clubbing crowd pass us by. At the same time, we were also keeping an eye out for the police or DBKL enforcement officers because William had parked his car by the roadside.

From where we were sitting, I caught sight of a familiar figure standing by the road sign at the junction and was taking photographs of the Petronas Twin Towers. He stood there for a long time oblivious to the rushing traffic that passed just inches away from him. When he finally was done taking photographs he ran across the road to where we were sitting, I waved at him. Perhaps he did not notice me and continued on his walkabout and disappeared into the maddening crowd. That photo was snapped at 12:16am on June 25, 2005. Go figure out who that is. I have no prize for the winning answer though. Maybe Suanie will offer something….

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Author: Peter Tan

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