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Rumah Hospice, Penang

It is my turn now and I really do not know what I should be blogging about for the next four hours. I do not usually post more than one entry per day. Since this is all for the Hospice-at-Home-Programme, I shall put up a photo of Rumah Hospice and talk a little about them.

When Mum and I were given four options for her nursing care because I could no longer look after her, Rumah Hospice was one of the choices suggested. They have a team of nurses and medical officers looking after patients staying there. It is an old government bungalow located off Jalan Air Itam and just beside the Methodist Boys School.

Like my first visit there two years ago, my second visit recently brought back many memories of how difficult it was for terminally-ill patients and their families to cope with the situation. One can never get used to accepting the impending death of a loved one, no matter how hard one tries or how prepared one is.

The moment I saw one of the patients lying in bed, a feeding tube sticking out from her nose, her body reduced to skin and bones, my heart sank. I almost cried. There is nothing more anyone can do for these patients except to make them comfortable. One of the important aspects of palliative care is pain management. Cancer patients almost always suffer from pain. As long as that part is dealt with sufficiently, the other symptoms will be more manageable somewhat.

Mum was prescribed dihydrocodiene tartrate for her pain. However, the dosage needed to be adjusted to because I wanted to keep her relatively pain-free but lucid as well. The Hospice helped us in that aspect and for the first few weeks that Mum was under the care of the hospice, she was actually improving in vigour and spirits. It was virtually impossible for me to take Mum back to the hospital every time there was a need to review her dosage because she had become very immobile and I never could have managed it by myself.

That was how much the Hospice has helped us during those times of extreme need. And that is why I believe in their work. For all that they had done for Mum and me, I will forever be grateful. I am delighted that my fellow bloggers share my views and have come together to wholeheartedly support this effort to raise funds for the Hospice-at-Home-Programme for the Penang Branch of the Malaysia National Cancer Society. Please donate generously because that will go a long way towards supporting the Hospice in helping cancer patients and their families who are in dire need of palliative care and support.

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