Trapped In The Toilet Again!

August 29th, 2005 - Monday

I got trapped in the same toilet for disabled persons near Gate 8 at the Penang International Airport just now. This is the second consecutive incident within three months. The same faulty door knob was the culprit again. It was my complacence in not filing a complaint with the airport manager the previous time that got me into the same sticky situation again. A kind gentleman who was sitting near the toilet heard my knocking came to my rescue. All door knobs for toilet for disabled persons should be replaced with levers to enable those with poor hand dexterity to open it with less effort. Malaysia Airports is going to get a mail from an very irate disabled traveller soon.

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14 Responses to “Trapped In The Toilet Again!”

  1. KLJS says:

    Sorry to hear that you got stuck in the toilet.
    Let’s sent somemore complain mail to MAS.
    I think they should have in the first place replaced the faulty doorknob. And avoid the same kind of situation for other disable people.

  2. Peter says:

    MAS is not involved with the operation of the airport. Rather, it is Malaysia Airports that is running most of the airports here in Malaysia, if not all. Thank you for your concern.

  3. KLJS says:

    Oops. Sorry for typing the wrong company.
    Yeah, Malaysia Airports and not MAS.
    My mistake. Thanks for correcting.

  4. dave says:

    whoa…that sucks man. *patting back* malaysia airport should install emergency screw drivers and escape hatches in every toilet…and also gask masks…and also emergency telecommunicators…and also newspaper rack…and also…

  5. centerpide says:

    aww man sorry to hear about that unfortunate incident…but i’m a little confused, were you trapped there before? Cuz from reading your post, I get the impression that you got trapped in the same washroom…so I’m just curious…

    anyway it’s good you’re gonna make an official complaint about this matter! The Malaysia Airports management ought to know about these things..

  6. Jeffrey says:


    Sorry to hear this. When you hear or read of Malaysia Airport Berhad making lots of money during their recent announcement of profits in the news, I fail to understand the basic stuff that they need to put in place has been neglected.

    Again, wait till oil per barrel hits USd90 – lets see who has the last laugh – Malaysia Airport Berhad. :) Travelling on airlines will not be reachable and volume drops. ….

  7. Papi says:

    Sorry to hear what happened to you. You know what they say about malaysia facility: “First world facility, third world maintenance”.

    Write to them, taruk them kaw kaw.

  8. Reta says:

    itu orang kat Lapangan Malaysia manyak jahat. Tergamak mereka berbuat demikian tidak menukar pintu pusing-itu saya terlupa namanya =)

  9. Galvin says:

    yea, those door knobs are quite irritating. I got trapped once in McDonald’s toilet long long time ago. Luckily it was a very big toilet and the assistant store manage came to my aid shortly someone else came in the toilet.

  10. lynnee says:

    hey, sometimes even i have problems with round door knobs in public places… when oily-handed people leave their prints on it.


  11. Peter says:

    So serious meh?

    They have an improper preventive maintenance plan. These things must be inspected regularly.

    It is no laughing matter if the price of petroluem goes up. I depend on airlines for my long distance travels.

    No reply from them as yet. I hope they are taking remedial actions as I am writing this.


    There is a list of fixtures for toilets for disabled persons that was not adhered to.

    That is gross!

  12. LecturerUM says:

    Hi Peter,

    I think we should start a resource book of all the CEOs, General Managers, and Director of Operations of all the companies that provide services for people. Then we also have the contacts of all the Ministers concern with the various companies, say, Malaysian Airports, in conjunction with Transport Ministry, etc.
    Then we also have the Manager of the building.
    So we have three contacts, then we write to either one of them (depending on what is best and our ‘garang’ mood…)
    At the same time we collect all sorts of brochures, standards, by laws etc and make copies of the examples.
    Then see what happens!
    If nothing, then write once more saying that we will bring the matter to the media.
    If 3rd time nothing, we will compile and make sure send it to Bar Council or some judiciary or ombudsman process and send to them.
    I think I would be interested to gather all this info. and start some real solid, no nonsense campaigning. What do you think? But I have to go back to Malaysia firstlah. However you can start first. Deal?

  13. Peter says:

    That was something I had in mind when I replied to your earlier comments. And yes, it is a deal!

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