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Encik Aznan sent me an email yesterday. In the mail, he stated that they have investigated and rectified the problem at the toilet for disabled persons behind the Tie Shop at Level 5, KLIA. At the same time, he requested that I provide them with a photo of a door lever suitable for such amenities, which I did in my reply just now.

As I will be away for a few days beginning tomorrow, I told him that I would provide additional information when I return. However, the main issue, which was the toilet for disabled persons in Penang International Airport, was not mentioned. This I will pursue when I return.

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Author: Peter Tan

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7 thoughts on “Email From Malaysia Airports”

  1. That’s great!
    I don;t usually come across disabled toilets with sliding doors in the UK. Except one or two. Usually the toilets are well designed with huge door swinging towards the outside. I don’t see the reason why in KLIA or any airports they cannot do the same, as there are lots of corridor space for the door to swing out too. And it is better tp have swing out doors rather than sliding doors, as 1) the detail of the door either top hung or on bottom rails need to be good due to the constant use. 2) It is heavy to use for some people and more difficult to manipulate, as some people use their wheelchairs as leverage to open the swing doors and not so easy with the sliding doors.
    I know I have used the KLIA one myself and I think Penang airport also have one. Why International Airports so stingy with the disabled toilets, is really puzzling me.
    Anyway, I can go on and on but I wish you the best and thanks for doing what you are doing.

  2. narrowband,
    This is efficiency all right. I hope this is not for KLIA only. There is nothing in that email to suggest my complaint regarding the toilet in Penang International Airport has been rectified.

    Yes, this is good news.


    When are you coming back? We should get together and come out with something that will solve these problems once and for all.


    MAS replied to my complaints too.

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