Two Lodge Reports Against ‘good man’

In today’s New Straits Times, page 16:

Two lodge reports against ‘good man’

Two bloggers lodged police reports today against an anonymous writer who posted seditious messages on their blogs.

Peter Tan, 39, and Ameer Zulkifli, 34, made the report at the Brickfields police station against the sender, nicknamed “good man”.

Ameer, a management consultant from Subang Jaya, said he lodged the report because the messages were malicious.

“It has come to the point where the postings are too blatant. Action must be taken against such people,” he said when met at the Brickfields police headquarters.

“Good man” first posted abusive messages containing racial slurs on Tan’s website log last Sunday.

Tan, from Penang, said the messages were posted early this month and he deleted most of them but kept one for the police report.

Ameer, who goes by the nickname “Mack”, received a seditious message from “good man” yesterday in a commentary forum column on his blog

He said his blog management software prompted him to approve the message but after reading it, he decided not to publish it on the weblog commentary post as it was seditious and explicit.

Ameer advised responsible bloggers to notify the police of seditious messages posted in their blogs.

The online version is here.

Author: Peter Tan

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4 thoughts on “Two Lodge Reports Against ‘good man’”

  1. Yeah, I wonder if the police can find him. Lots of cyber criminals are able to fool the cops by quickly saving all their data and then hiding the CDs, diskettes, flash drives, etc. in unusual places.

  2. To Goombie:

    From what I heard about the Malaysian police, they probably can. All you really need is his IP address, which I think was furnished. If they can get their hands on his computer, even if he deleted the files, you can still retrieve the data from as the records will be there SOMEWHERE. You can still retrieve data even if you reformat your comp. It is, however, expensive.

    To CLF:

    Our police works on media pressure. ‘Nuff said.

    To Peter:

    Thank you for the update.

    Silly Pat.

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