Day Trip To Genting Highlands Resorts

Last Saturday, William, Cynthia, Wuan and I went on a day trip to Genting Highlands Resorts. The sky was ominously dark, threatening to pour down on us at any moment. Not one to be deterred, William suggested we go eat the famous Ampang yong tau foo before making our way up to the highlands. Ampang yong tau foo are available in many places in Penang and Kuala Lumpur but none tasted as good as the ones I had that morning.

Genting Highlands was chilly and foggy. My ears were ice cold. William led us to the Starworld Casino at the First World Hotel. What I dislike about the casinos is the perennial stench of cigarette fumes that clung on to hair and clothes and everything else. And one casino is no different from the other – people milling around tables, the frequent holler for a “picture” and gaudy decors everywhere. Wuan and I played the slot machines for a while but we quickly got bored.

Photo by Cynthia.

Next in William’s itinerary was the mushroom farm a short distance from the resort. Memories of the mushroom farm that I have been to several times in Penang was enough to make me cringe in disgust. Chicken droppings were used together with straw to cultivate button mushrooms. I was already smelling of cigarette fumes and I did not fancy reeking of chicken manure too. Surprisingly, there was no unpleasant odour at the farm this time.

After Wuan had satiated her shutterbug cravings, we stopped over at the Chin Swee Caves Temple where a majestic nine-tiered pagoda stood. While sitting in the car with William and waiting for Cynthia and Wuan to take yet more photos, I wished I could climb up to the top of the pagoda. I could imagine a most breathtaking panorama as far as my eyes could see. Clouds that were constantly caressing the peaks of the Titiwangsa Range would have made it an incredibly awesome sight.

Photo by William.

We went back up to the summit and stopped at the garden and observation platform just beside the Theme Park Hotel. The sun was setting. The chilly wind blew intermittently. I shivered in the cold. A large beetle fascinated William and Cynthia. The view from there was no less fascinating. I have been to the resort with Peter many times but have never once enjoyed such spectacular sights. I could hang around there all day if not for the darkening sky and the extremely uncomfortable wind.

After a quick dinner at Genting Hotel, I needed to use the toilet. While I was catheterizing, William and Cynthia scouted for ways to get me into the Monte Carlo Casino. Having found it, we played the slot machines to while some time away before leaving. Wuan and I won a little and then lost it all back to the machines. As we were making our way back to the car park, someone walking from the opposite direction called out my name. I was surprised to meet another blogger at the resort. Hey Din, nice meeting you! It is difficult not to bump into another blogger whenever I go out nowadays. Several days before that, I met Joanne at Low Yat Plaza.

Photo by William.

On the way down, the flickering lights of distant Kuala Lumpur captivated us. When we found a nice spot to take in the spectacle and snap some photographs, William took out the tripod and started snapping away. I could not believe he could tolerate the chilly temperature for thirty minutes playing with the camera and trying to get a good shot. We reached home tired but happy for an absolutely interesting day. William is already planning another trip up, this time going up on the Genting Skyway. He wanted me to enjoy the incredible view along the ride. I am still wondering how I can get into the small enclosure of the gondola

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Author: Peter Tan

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11 thoughts on “Day Trip To Genting Highlands Resorts”

  1. Bro, you are getting famous liao mah… with Hair For HOSPICE .. and infamous bitting session with dumbass pinkpoodle…. well.. that’s how I met you for the first time remember… in MidValley…. and we are so close in proximity… it is just crazy… oh yeah… there is a barber near our place give free hair cut for special need children and adult as well… you can save up a lot if you are not planning to keep your hair long again. I will try to scan and send to you

  2. oh yeah, don’t worry about the skyway next time. i work for that business unit. we have no problems helping you board the skyway. we have helped many before.

  3. Din,
    Will do. I m looking forward to riding the Skyway. It is going to be one heck of an experience.

    Fame does come with a price you know. I can afford to pay for my own haircut lar. No need to abuse that privilege. Thanks anyway.

  4. When i saw u at genting i was so happy just like seening a superstar.Hei u look handsome with ur bald head.
    After the concert when we drive back home we indeed taken back by the spectacular sights.
    Peter with your permission may I use that KL View picture as I want to blog sometime about that view.

  5. 93~94,
    You are exaggerating. Bertie Higgins is a superstar. I am just another blogger who happens to be a little different physically. Other than that, I am almost as regular as he next guy you meet in the street. Yes, you are most welcomed to use that image. Nice view huh! Just make sure you properly credit William for it. He spent 30 minutes in the cold to get that perfect shot so you and I can blog about it.

  6. Hi Peter. Nice new hairstyle. 😉 I couldn’t have agree with 93-94. I think your new look has taken 10 years off from your age. And that’s a compliment. Oh, if you do meet with William, do tell him I think his pictures were SUPERB. I hope I can use them some time. Of course, full accreditation will be given to him. A good picture like that is something worth writing about. I love Genting for it’s cool weather, crisp air and wonderful views. Not to mention, a great reason to be sitting outdoors whilst sipping hot latte. Blisss….

  7. Poison,
    I did not realise I looked old with my long hair. While william shoots anything and everything, he is really an expert in macro photography. I am not too fond of cold temperatures. Genting will be one of those once in a blue moon events unless something interesting is happening up there.

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