PPS 3rd Anniversary Bash

Will there be a Project Petaling Street 3rd Anniversary party this year? Suanie, Reta and I were wondering at the bloggers meet last week. The previous bash was a blast. Although the pre-ordered food was slow in coming and some did not even get their food, I am sure all of us who were there will unanimously agree that we had great fun and made many new friends.

As June 23 draws nearer this year, some of us are still anxiously waiting for the announcement from Aizuddin. So far, there has been no news at all. Perhaps he is busy with other commitments. If that is really so, with permission from Aizuddin, perhaps someone can take up the baton and form a committee to get it going. Aiz? Anyone?

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Author: Peter Tan

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6 thoughts on “PPS 3rd Anniversary Bash”

  1. There are no plans for the 3rd bash this year. 🙁 PPS will celebrate it in its own way, but no gathering has been organized. With some luck, i will have a few surprises to deliver on the birthday.

  2. Also, i have no issue with someone wanting to do the honours of organizing a gathering on the birthday. 🙂

    Thanks Aiz. Now that Aiz has given his blessings, any volunteer?

  3. Er, too bad I (we all) in Perth. We had our 2nd Perth Blogger Meet Up last week. Hope you all have fun!!


  4. Oh!! there are few links here regarding the meet up over here.






    we are having 3rd one on this coming Winter break as well. =)

    Looks like you bloggers Down Under are having fun meeting up too. Thanks for sharing the links.

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