Bliss – SKII Facial Treatment Mask

SKII Facial Treatment Mask

Thanabalan the barber gave my hair a good trim today. The electric shaver is such a wonderful invention. In no time, I was sporting a crew cut again, after months of trying to keep it long enough for me to comb. I am not complaining though. Wuan and William and Cynthia agreed that I looked better with a crew cut. I tend to agree with them. Mirrors do not lie!

After the trim, Thanabalan applied a generous amount of Indian barber cologne on my scalp. The overpowering fragrance used to put me off but this time, having fully experienced the cooling sensation on my skin, I loved it. Thereafter, he offered a neck massage that included twisting the head to induce a cracking sound in the vertebra. My neck had been broken once. I told him I do not need him to do it for me another time. Nevertheless, for RM9, he gave a pretty good service.

Immediately after we got home, I took a bath to wash away the bits of loose hair clung on to my body. The weather was extremely hot too. Nothing beats a cool shower on days like this. Then came the pampering that I have been looking forward to for a while – the SKII Facial Treatment Mask. It came in a sealed foil pack. The instruction indicated that it should be left on the face for fifteen minutes. It smelt a little pungent, not unlike that of vinegar, very faintly though. I fell asleep soon after Wuan applied it on my face.

When I got up, it was already three hours later. Wuan had removed it as instructed. I touched my face. It was smoother all right. Although I loved the pampering, I cannot find the justification to pay so much for a piece of paper that contained, of all things, yeast extract. Still, I appreciate that Wuan took the trouble to make me feel good. It did wonders to my long sagging spirits due to my hectic schedule lately. I am a happy camper today.

Author: Peter Tan

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  1. yeast extract? RM 3 in the supermarket, choice of dry and fresh….

    If only I know how to extract the Pitera from the yeast.

  2. So the fatt hao!!! Pst.. can I have a sheet of that mask? How about, we trade that for a meal of banana leaf? Please? 😉

    Yours must be a very expensive banana leaf rice treat hor? Not the regular RM5 per person meal.

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