Badruddin says sorry to Karpal: The Star – October 30, 2007


Tuesday October 30, 2007

Badruddin says sorry to Karpal

At The Dewan Rakyat

DATUK Badruddin Amiruldin (BN – Jerai) apologised to Karpal Singh (DAP – Bukit Gelugor) and the handicapped community for making an offensive remark against them in the Dewan last week.

The Jerai MP, who stood up during the debate on the Supply Bill 2008, said that as a Muslim, he should adhere to the good tidings of the Syawal month after celebrating Hari Raya and seek forgiveness.

“I would like to apologise to anyone who had been offended by my remark. Those words came up during a heated debate with Bukit Gelugor (Karpal Singh) recently.

“I’m a kind and loving person but I felt I was being provoked during the debate with Opposition members.

“I would also like to tender my sincerest apology to Bukit Gelugor,” he said.

Badruddin said Karpal Singh is also his friend, adding that he had even helped to push the veteran DAP MP’s wheelchair during a function held at Parliament House to celebrate Karpal Singh’s birthday.

Badruddin’s apology came about for calling Karpal Singh’s use of a wheelchair as “a punishment from God”, during a heated argument with him.

Karpal Singh was not in the House during Badruddin’s speech.

Met at the lobby later, Badruddin said he had made his apology as a Muslim and stressed that it was not due to any form of pressure.

“Since it’s the Syawal month, it’s the right time to seek forgiveness for the wrongs that we have made.

“I don’t want to offend anyone. I’m a caring person. Sometimes, tears well up in my eyes when I see a disabled person who had to be carried by his mother,” he added.

Asked if this meant that he would not repeat those words in the House in future, Badruddin replied: “Oh no, I cannot say this. I’m only human.”

Meanwhile, when asked to comment on the apology, Karpal Singh said: “His apology can’t erase the damage done by his statement.

“I hope his apology is sincere and he will not repeat it again. I can forgive but I cannot forget the incident.”

Author: Peter Tan

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