Earth Hour 2009 And Old Fart Bloggers Meet

Suanie so cute.

It is Earth Hour and the living room light is on. Yawn. I am supposed to be preparing for a presentation for tomorrow but here I am blogging about the Old Fart Bloggers Meet at Starbucks at The Gardens Mid Valley this afternoon. This meet was organised by Dustyhawk to get some of the veteran bloggers to chill out together.

Jason, April, Dystuhawk and KY
Jason, April, Dustyhawk and KY.

Wuan and I arrived just before the appointed time. Dustyhawk, Jason Mumbles and April Pole Dancing Queen were already there. Suanie came a while later with KY. The rest who came after that were (not in chronological order as an old fart blogger like me has poor memory) Eyeris, Redzuan dj PhutureCybersonique, Thomas, Albert Glaring Notebook, Fazri Silencers and FireAngel.

Albrt and Fazri
Albert No Money No Honey and Fazri the Virgin.

Chilled out we did, talking about the change of ownership of Project Petaling Street (PPS) among others. Most of us met through organising bloggers meets through PPS. The first bloggers meet that I organised and met other bloggers was way back in January 2005. No doubt it was a small gathering, it was fun meeting some of the bloggers again, some of whom I have not met for a couple of years already. Great work Dustyhawk. Woops, Earth Hour is almost over. That is my cue to end this entry.

Author: Peter Tan

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9 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2009 And Old Fart Bloggers Meet”

  1. @menj: it was on twitter… loads

    @peter: why didn’t you photoshop out my quadruple chin 🙁

    Suanie, I love you just the way you are.

  2. Eh? Luckily you did not post group photos. If not someone will lodge a police report and all of you will be jailed for holding an illegal gathering. LOL

    Hang around Starbucks pun boleh kena tangkap?

  3. It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person! Hehe.

    Was a pleasure meeting you too after so many years.

  4. Now, compare this to that OTHER blogger’s gathering in pavilion that same day, and you’ll see the difference between old fart bloggers and the new fart bloggers. LOL

    That reminded me of the time when I was young blogger at my first bloggers meet.

  5. Hi Peter,

    How’s life recently?

    What’s the presentation about?

    Kim Soon

    Life is as always, sometimes unexpected, sometimes downright boring. Regarding the presentation, I have just posted it in my blog.

  6. When you want to meet the old fart bloggers in Penang?

    When you organize one when I am in Penang. How?

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