My Dell XPS M1330 Zapped Me

I just got hit by an electrical shock when my left index finger touched the brushed aluminium panel encasing the touchpad of my laptop. The discharge was strong enough to give me a jolt me and temporarily numbed the tip of the finger. A search on Google revealed that this problem occurs in Dell XPS series, MacBook Pro and other makes of laptops with similar metal panels. I am currently using the Dell XPS M1330. Hopefully, this is just a static discharge instead of an electrical leakage of the system. My laptop is already connected to the power socket via a three-pin plug.

Author: Peter Tan

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7 thoughts on “My Dell XPS M1330 Zapped Me”

  1. Be careful, even a static discharge may damage the component of the motherboard, which will in turn, damage your pocket.

    It did not happen after that. I will wait and see.

  2. That’s not a pleasant shock.

    Glue some tapes over the metal plate?

    It is going to be messy. I will wait and see if it will occur again.

  3. I’ve got zapped by a Fujitsu laptop a few times. An Aiwa VCR also did the same to me. I don’t suppose they make electronic devices like they used to. 🙁

    But they make it cheaper with more functions. 🙂

  4. huh.. this is dangerous if it is really electric leakage.. Better call DELL to check it out. It is FOC ma.

    If it happens again I will surely call. Thanks.

  5. If its a thin decorative aluminium panel then its probably stuck on the plastic case with adhesive.Its probably static then.The action of rubbing your fingers on the scratchpad can cause static buildup.Most laptops nowadays run on lithiums and the adapter is rated at about 20volts or thereabouts.That voltage shouldn’t be an issue.A multimeter set to ac would detect any leakthru mains onto the output which can happen if the system is not earthed or the neutral and live wires at the plug are reversed.Or, if there is a fault with the adapter itself where there is a leak thru’ of the mains into the switching circuit.It generally doesn’t affect the system as it doesn’t sense a complete circuit for the leak except for yourself when you touch it!!

    Thanls for the explanation. The aluminium is not decorative. It covers the harddisk and something else, I think. Metal is good for such places especially in laptops as it dissipates heat better. I guess I will just live with it for now or until I get electrocuted.

  6. Peter I agree with Dragoncity. Call Dell and get them to sort it out!

    It is a once-off thing I hope. Cannot be replicated at the moment. So I will leave it as it is for now.

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