On Detrusitol SR 4mg Capsules Again

Detrusitol SR 4mg prolonged release capsule
Detrusitol SR 4mg prolonged release capsule.

After one year on a twice daily dosage of Detrusitol 2mg tablets, the University Malaya Medical Centre pharmacy has switched me back to the Detrusitol SR 4mg extended release capsules again. For unexplained reasons, the pharmacy stopped dispensing the SR 4mg.

Detrusitol in the prolonged release capsule form is more convenient as I need to take it only once daily. Unlike the previous SR capsules which were packed seven capsules to a blister strip, the current ones come loose in 30s to a small plastic container. The new capsules appear smaller in size too.

I have been taking Detrusitol either in 2mg tablets or 4mg prolonged release capsules since 2004 when I was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. This is to relax my overactive bladder and the frequent urge to urinate, and in turn, reduces the risk of a reflux of urine from the bladder back to the kidneys, which if left unchecked will cause further damage to them.

Author: Peter Tan

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