Blood Test for September 2014

This blood test was done six months after the previous one, the longest gap in between tests and routine medical reviews for a while now. Serum creatinine level hit its highest at 337 mmol/L. It was 331 mmol/L in September last year and went down to 299 mmol/L in March this year.

This blood test shows that my kidneys are functioning at 18% of normal capacity. Looking at the history and progression of my kidney disease, the doctor was not too concerned with the results yet as the serum creatinine levels are fluctuating within a narrow range.

I am now edging closer to needing dialysis. I have already decided on the treatment option should that day come, which I hope never. I think am prepared for it but I wonder how my emotional state will be when I hit the threshold.

Blood test for renal function and cholesterol.
Renal function test and lipid profile for September 2014.
Result of calcium and phosphate blood test.
Calcium and phosphate test for September 2014.
CBC September 2014.
Results of blood count for September 2014.
Urine test results for September 2014.
Urine test for September 2014.

Author: Peter Tan

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