Christians Called To Vote In Malaysia’s 12th General Election

The Bishop of Penang, the Right Reverend Bishop Antony Selvanayagam, issued a message regarding the 2008 General Election in a pastoral letter dated February 17, 2008 through the Diocese of Penang website. In the letter addressed to all Fathers, Religious and Lay Faithfuls of the Roman Catholic Church, he said that voting is the sacred Christian duty of all Catholics. He also outlined five points to guide Catholics in casting their votes wisely.

As Christians, we must send out the message loud and clear that we do not take lightly to the action by certain parties to dictate how we should practice our faith. Lets make our voices heard and ensure that the freedom to practice the religion of our choice is not scuttled in any way.

The Bishop’s letter and the election message from the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) can be viewed from the following links:

Letter from the Right Reverend Bishop Antony Selvanayagam
(MS Word format)

Election message from the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM)
(Adobe PDF format)

The Dilemma Of Voting In Penang

I need to arrange the logistics for me to get back to Penang to vote. The problem is that Wuan will be casting her ballot here in Kuala Lumpur. I am not going to ask her to give up that right to vote just to accompany me back. I need assistance for moving around in Penang. I tire easily nowadays. Maybe it is the weather. Maybe it is my health. It will be difficult for me to go back by myself in this condition.

This election may be the first and last one that I am voting in Penang. I am considering changing my address and voting constituency to where I am residing in Kuala Lumpur now. I have never bothered with exercising my right to vote previously because of the inaccessibility of voting centres. I disliked being carried on my wheelchair up steps. Wheelchairs are not designed to be carried. There is a danger of parts breaking away.

Being an advocate on disability issues now, I realised that disabled people need to go out to exercise their voting rights and where necessary advocate for accessible voting centres and most importantly, accessible public transport to take us there. If I have my way, the ministers responsible for these insufficiencies in infrastructure will not be getting any vote from disabled people. What have they done in the past five years to make the environment accessible to disabled people? Many of us are still stuck at home because there is no concerted effort to ensure that accessible facilities are in place.

Hello Jeff Ooi

Screen capture of my 12th General Election Polling Centre and Polling Stream

Jeff Ooi revealed that the DAP has announced his candidacy for the Jelutong parliamentary seat in Malaysia’s impending 12th General Election. I am throwing my support behind him not because he is a fellow blogger nor the fact that he is from the DAP. Jeff has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he dares to speak out without fear or favour on pertinent issues affecting the nation through his blog way before he joined the DAP. It is that courage that I hope he will bring into the Parliament should he be elected. We need people like him to ensure accountability, transparency and good governance in the administration of our country’s affairs. Go Jeff! Malaysia needs more courageous people like you.