The Royal Bank Of Scotland Ang Pow 2012

The sight of flowers in Spring gives a sense of renewal and hope. That is the theme for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s ang pow for the Year of the Water Dragon. Plum blossoms emblazoned in gold adorn the red packets. Made from thicker paper stock and measuring at 6.50″ x 3.25″, they are also sturdier and larger than regular ang pows. What I like best about these packets is the wide horizontal opening which makes it convenient to insert currency notes. This is certainly one of the better designed ang pows around for this year.

Royal Bank of Scotland red envelope 2012

HSBC Bank Hong Bao 2012

The theme for HSBC Bank’s hong bao this year is money tree flourishing with gold coins and blooming jade flowers. Chinese lucky knots make up the tree trunk culminating with the cords weaved into a chrysanthemum flower at the base. A propitious Chinese four-character idiom called chengyu wishes that the receiver’s home overflowing with gold and jade, in short, untold riches. The flap of gold flower motif adds an elegant finishing touch to the hong bao.

HSBC Bank ang pau 2012

OCBC Bank Ang Pow 2012

The OCBC Bank ang pow for this year comes in four designs. Each has a different motif that is significant to the Chinese New Year. There are Mandarin oranges, gold fishes, vase with flowers and a tea set. Gold stamped calligraphy in the front extends auspicious wishes to recipients of these red packets. The delightfully simple motifs exude a festive atmosphere reminiscent of an era when traditions were strong and the occasion was the biggest celebration of the year.

Red packet from OCBC 2012
OCBC ang pow for 2012 – Set 1.

Red packets from OCBC 2012
OCBC ang pow for 2012 – Set 2.

Red packets from OCBC 2012
OCBC ang pow for 2012 – Set 3.

Red packets from OCBC 2012
OCBC ang pow for 2012 – Set 4.