Lost My Samsung Galaxy SII

Cheeky has not been well since he came back from boarding last Thursday. Thank God Fei Por and Lucky were all right. Two evenings ago, Wuan noticed that Cheeky has been going to the litter box very frequently but there was no poo in the box afterwards. We pressed his tummy and thought it was too firm for comfort and realised that he was constipated.

We looked around for a veterinary clinic that was open on Sunday and found one. The vet agreed that he was indeed constipated and had an X-ray done just to be sure as Cheeky is rather fat. He had to be admitted for treatment and observation for a couple of days. I hope he gets better soon. That poor thing. He did not even whine.

After we left him, we went to run some errands and then decided to have dinner at Aeon Taman Maluri. When we got to the supermarket, I realised that I had left my phone in the car. Wuan went to retrieve it and we continued our shopping. We dropped in at Hainan Tea Garden but I did not quite like what was in the menu. Wuan had noodles. I would get my dinner from elsewhere later.

Barely minutes after we left the shopping mall, I realised that I did not have my phone with me. We called my number. It rang but went unanswered. Since we were very near the vicinity, I drove back to the multi-storey car park where I suspected I dropped my phone. It was nowhere to be found. I tried calling my number again while Wuan went to the Aeon customer service counter to check if some Good Samaritan had found it and left it there.

By then, the phone was already turned off. The staffs at the customer service counter were not very helpful and sympathetic, and did not offer to assist her further. The security office said that if we want to view the CCTV, we have to produce a police report. Not wanting to waste time arguing with them, she retraced our steps back to Hainan Tea Garden without any luck. However, I will definitely be going back with a police report to view the CCTV footages to gather evidence on the person who took the phone.

My first mistake was not making sure that my phone was with me at all times. I usually stuff it in between the wheelchair cushion. It could have fallen off. Someone could have picked it off me. I cannot be sure. My second mistake was not locking the phone when not in use. It could have bought me valuable time in connecting to the phone remotely and wiping the data inside.

I am upset not because I lost the phone but because of exposing the contact details, emails and addresses, messages and data contained in the phone, the SIM card and the SD card, not that they are of any significant value to anyone else except me. My sole worry that they could be misused by the dishonest person who took the phone.

Nevertheless, I have changed all passwords to access the applications used in the phone. I have also informed all my contacts regarding this to make them aware of the situation should they receive any unusual communication from “me.” I am glad that I backed-up my contacts several weeks ago. This allowed me to inform them via SMS and emails without much hassle. I also had the mind to back up my photographs right after I came back from Penang.

Looks like I have been losing things too often. Firstly, I dropped one side of my leather wheelchair gloves in Penang last year and then another side of the new rubber pads that I bought to replace the gloves somewhere in the third floor of Mid Valley Megamall two months back. I had to wait for more than one month to get a replacement pair.

Then I forgot to take my wheelchair cushion along on my trip to Penang to conduct a Disability Equality Training workshop in Penang and had to buy one in Ipoh. And now, losing the phone that I have used for 10 months only. These are expensive items and I am getting very careless. I hope, I pray, that the streak of having to spend money like this ends with losing the phone. It has been one long spate of bad luck since last year. I need some good vibes. If you have some to spare, please send them over.

New Ginger Kitten In The House

Last week, Wuan went to the market and came back with more than groceries and breakfast. She brought a stinky and dirty ginger-coloured kitten back as well. She gave him a thorough bath after which he looked adorable with his fur clean and smelling nice. The intention was to clean him up, feed him and put him up for adoption.

After being with us for one week, we decided to keep him instead. Three felines is about as many as we can manage at the moment. Fei Por had not taken a liking to him. They both would hiss and take swipes at each other whenever Wuan brought them close together. That was the least of our concern. Fei Por stays outside. We did not want him running around outside anyway and would be keeping him indoors.

Cute ginger kittenGinger kitten that Wuan rescued from Pandan Perdana bus stop near the wet market.
Photo by Wuan.

The real test was whether Cheeky would accept him. They both would have to share the same room and same space indoors. I was skeptical. Cheeky was aggressive whenever other cats came into the compound. He would look out from the grille door and growl. The fur on his tail would become puffed. Wuan and I would not want to anywhere close to him during those times.

There were a few anxious moments after Wuan let the kitten into the house. Cheeky approached him cautiously and both stood frozen in close proximity, sizing each other up. True to his fashion, the kitten took a swipe at Cheeky. My heart skipped a beat. I was sure Cheeky would retaliate. It was not a pretty sight the last time Cheeky jumped on me and sank his fangs into my elbow.

Cute ginger kittenCute ginger kitten.
Photo by Wuan.

Cheeky took a few steps back and scooted off. What happened next surprised us. The kitten crouched behind a stack of old newspaper. Cheeky hid behind the coffee table. They then approached stealthily, pounced on each other and then ran away helter skelter in the opposite direction. This they repeated countless times. They were having fun! We finally breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing them warming up to each other so playfully.

We have yet to give him a name. That responsibility falls on Wuan again as she was the one who rescued the kitten. As for me, he has been keeping me occupied. He likes to climb onto my lap. I could not do much with him clambering all over and had to keep pushing him off. He would jump right back on again. I hope he outgrows this antic soon. My thights are now full of fine scars from him clawing his way up.

Our Christmas Tree

Cheeky the cat checking out the Christmas tree
Cheeky the cat checking out the Christmas tree.
Photo by Wuan.

Wuan put up the fibre optic Christmas tree beside the bay window a few days ago. She had bought it from a pasar malam in Ipoh many years back. Over several days, she dressed it up with baubles and other ornaments. The illumination from the fibre optic was rather dim. It was not striking even with all the living room lights turned off.

Yesterday, she came back with a string of multi-coloured fairy lights. That atmosphere instantly warmed up when she turn them on, a stark reminder that Christmas is near. Cheeky, the forever curious feline, was at first fascinated by the blinking lights. He stared from the floor for a long time. When he could no longer contain his curiosity, he climbed onto the bay window and then perched precariously on the sofa to sniff at the tree.