Malaysia’s 12th General Election: The People Have Spoken

Hear, hear! The message is loud and clear. Listen and listen well! With both ears please this time. We, the People have spoken. Heed our calls. What we desired as a nation that you did not fulfill, we are now telling you through the ballot. Let this be the forewarning to our representatives in the Parliament and state assemblies that we do not take lightly to our aspirations being cast aside and ignored.

The same warning goes out to the victors of this general election. Always remember that the power lies in the hands of the People, not you the representatives of the People. Whatever power that you have comes from the People. You now have five years to prove your worth and fulfil all that you have promised to do for the benefit of the People. Use this opportunity well and we may reward you with another term.

We, The People of Malaysia, have spoken! Well done. Now, lets bury the hatchet, whatever our political affiliations are. Lets reconcile to continue building our beloved nation, our motherland, according to our aspirations. We have proven that democracy is alive and kicking in Malaysia and that we, the People, hold the power to decide on the destiny of our nation. We have done it today. Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Demokrasi! Hidup Malaysia!