Water Supply Restored in Pandan Perdana

The water pressure has gone back to normal today. Water supply was restored two days ago actually but the pressure was low. It was better yesterday. I emptied my bowel today because of that. Nothing cleans as well as water. I am a happy camper. I have never gotten used to cleaning with toilet paper. Somehow it just never felt clean even after I have exhausted one whole roll.

The cloudy urine has cleared somewhat. But I am still tired. I think I may have drank a little too rapidly. My urine is too clear to be urine. Turned on the air condition in the room and tried to sleep at around 2.30pm but could not. Called Jocelyn to confirm with her that Wuan and I will be attending her wedding. Congrats auntie! Looking forward to seeing you all decked up. Called up a few friends from Penang to chat after that.

I am still tired now. Dang. I believe the weather has a part in this lethargy. I am looking forward to the weekend. Wuan and I have planned a trip up to Ipoh. We are going to hit two birds with one stone. One of them is to get Patches neutered. He turned 6 months old on May 1. The thought of Ipoh food is making me salivate. No, ngah choi kai (bean sprout chicken noodles) is not one of them. The rest… yum yum.

Missing: Frosty The Kitten


Frosty has been missing since two Thursdays ago. He turned five months old on April 1. Wuan looked for him around the neighbourhood but could not find him. He has fine white fur with black and brown ears and a black bushy tail. He does not like to be carried but likes to be petted. He just did not come for his breakfast that morning and we have not seen him since. I read that cats sometimes wander away in search of new territories and may go missing for months and suddenly return like nothing has happened. We are hoping that will be so. Now we have two cats left – Fei Por the mummy cat and Patches who is from the same litter as Milo and Frosty.