Back From Seremban

We got back from Negeri Sembilan at 7.50pm after losing our way in Seremban town trying to get to the expressway and ended up at Mantin and took the new Kajang-Seremban Highway (LEKAS). It rained cats and dogs somewhere in Kajang Perdana. It was a tiring trip not only because I did not sleep well but because I could not bathe as well. It is ironic that the Klana Resort has one accessible room but no plastic chair for me to sit on while bathing. Maybe the staff I approached for one was too lazy to look for a suitable chair for me.

Mocktail with Cheeky laptop wallpaper
Mocktail called “Once Upon A Time” (orange juice and ginger beer) and wallpaper of Cheeky on my laptop.

Basically, I spent my time there writing training materials for Disability Equality Training (DET) sipping on a mocktail at the Selera Coffee House while Wuan was busy with her company’s teambuilding activities. I also read up more about DET and the various topics recommended for the training from the manual titled Training Them and Us: A Guide to Social Equality for Society which is jointly produces by Liz Carr, Paul Drake and Kenji Kuno. In between that, I missed Cheeky terribly and put up a photo of him as the laptop’s wallpaper to alleviate those pangs.

Kee Mei Seremban siew pow
Kee Mei Seremban siew pow courtesy of Sue Ann and her family.

The highlight of the trip was meeting Sue Ann and her family. Sue Ann and I have been chatting on and off since 2005. And look what they brought for me – Seremban siew pow! There were also two kai tan kou but I ate one driving back to Kuala Lumpur. I have eaten Seremban siew pau sold in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Some were delicious while others were just too unpalatable to warrant a second bite. I have yet to sink my teeth into this authentic Seremban siew pow. I am already salivating at the thought. Excuse me while I go salivate over it some more.