Zoo Negara in Pictures – Part 1/3

Believe it or not that I have never been to Zoo Negara the 42 years of my life until last Thursday? The first zoo that I visited was the one at Penang Botanic Gardens when I was still a teenager. It was a mini zoo with kangaroos, wallabies, mousedeers, honey bears, deers and the two most famous resident orang utans called Impu and Impi.

There were also the pesky Long-Tailed Macaques that roamed the gardens and have no qualms in stealing food and whatever they could get their grubby paws on. I remember very well the Macaques running off with the windshield wiper of Dad’s car when we visited the place once. The only other zoo that I visited was the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park in Sabah last year.

So Wuan took me to Zoo Negara last Thursday. It was very hot when we arrived. I got to get in for free while Wuan paid the normal RM15 entrance fee. The zoo was generally accessible except for certain places like the path to the Ape Centre which had a rather steep gradient, the accessible toilet that I wanted to use which had a small step and the uneven surfaces on some stretches of the tarred road. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant experience wandering around the park enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the flora and fauna.

The entrance to Zoo Negara Malaysia
Zoo Negara Malaysia.
Photo by Wuan.

Signboards at Zoo Negara Malaysia
Signboards inside the zoo.

Giraffes at Zoo Negara Malaysia

Wuan feeding the elephant with sugar cane at Zoo Negara Malaysia
Wuan feeding the elephant with sugar cane.

Painted Storks at Zoo Negara Malaysia
Painted Storks.