Mid Valley Megamall Bloggers Meet II

What are my trips to Kuala Lumpur without meeting my blogger friends? Bloggers, blog readers and blogger wannabes, lets get together on September 25 2005, 3.00pm at the Oasis Food Court, Second Floor, Mid Valley Megamall. The time was specifically selected because I understand that KLites do not wake up at 10.00am on a Sunday morning. Come and share your views on everything under the sun, not just about blogging. Everybody is welcome.

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

64 thoughts on “Mid Valley Megamall Bloggers Meet II”

  1. Andreas, We couldd carry on after the meet. Or we can arrange another date to meet?

    Of cos can lar. Coming or not?

  2. lilian,

    Would like to catch up with you again.

    Nest time perhaps?

    You do not miss me anymore…

    Come and get hooked!

    Next time then.

    You listend to me and going far far to play? Good boy.


  3. taikor… sunday 3pm-> we need to be there at 11am if you wanted to avoid the traffic congestion + getting a parking. It’s a done deal. See you there.

  4. frostier,
    See, I got think of you. I remember you missed the last meet because you got to the venue long after we had all dispersed.

  5. dave,
    Bila dah jadi pembantu rumah? Saya mungkin balik ahkir bulan ini.

    You work hard for your money huh.

  6. AHAHAHAHAHA 3 o’clock is good o’clock. I’ll remember to attend 🙂

    yzzi: don’t la shy shy, we’re all friends. it’s not like this is a celebrity gathering or anything.

    lilian: waaa you coming ar?? good lar, always wanted to meet you in person 😀

  7. SapiensBryan,


    I am reminding you here and now. Remember ya?

    Make sure you wake up when the alarm rings.

    Hebat or not, we are still bloggers. Come?

    3 o’clock was by popular demand. 😀

  8. Hello Peter! Friend showed me your blog and the gathering details. I hope you guys won’t mind a newbie joining you. Might I also ask permission to randomly interview people at the meetup for a journalism paper? Thank you!

  9. We can meet afterwards. I am not staying too far away from Megamall, so that will be okay. Are you used to go by taxi with the wheelchair, or is a private car more convenient? I am asking, because I would have to come with my own car, if you prefer this and traffic situation is bad. So I would come early! But I am sure to come!!!

  10. ok……I forgot to mention.

    Don’t want to be a wet blanket , but there is a high possiblity of Traffic Jam at Midvalley on Sunday afternoons. Just in case you people get caught in a traffic, just remember you heard it from here!!

  11. …missing all the malaysian bloggers all the way from Kedah.:( Back this weekend, can’t return every weekend. Besides, the bus ride back to Kedah’s a real bitch.

    Hey, any Penang meet ups, I’ll be there! Wahahha. Since Sg. Petani is only a bus ride away.;)

  12. Reta,
    You are going, right?

    See you in Penang then.

    All the best for the exams. Maybe you can show us what you did at the exams at the meet? I promise there will be a hearty applause for you.

    For once you do not need to make long-term planning just to attend a blog meet. See you there.

    Silly Pat,
    We always welcome newbies. Hope to se you there. As for the interview, I am sure many will oblige you.

    Lets arrange something. I will email you.

    Well, it is either making Kl bloggers wake up at 9am and get myself strangled by them in the process or allow them to get stuck in the horrendous MV traffic jam. I selected the latter. It is less hazardous to my well-being.

    The next time then.

    I am looking forward to meeting you. See you there.

    We can have a big bash when all of you guys and gals are back?

    We will keep you in the loop for Penang meets. One is coming up soon. I see you are having lots of fun still. Take care. Hope to catch up with you again soon.

  13. consider it your lucky day. Oh yes, since fazri and i will be there… you would need to confess your sins later on as the both of us will be performing our flashing match again.

    oh and i’ll be bringing along pat.

  14. Leo,
    Many will be curious to know what you two will be flashing. If you get arrested… *waves to pat*

  15. well, the flashing part is simple. But by the time the flashing begins and ends … you wouldn’t know what hit you … make that no one will know what hit them.

  16. Leo,
    I will be at the other end of the table when you flash. I do not want to be hit by anything… anything.

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