Some Malaysian Bloggers Have Poor Comprehension Of The English Language

Is the Malaysian education system churning out students who have poor understanding of the English Language and lack critical analysis skills? I would like to believe this is not the case but the three comments by two bloggers in my previous entry titled I Am Not Voting For The Opposition proves otherwise. Since the Parliament was dissolved and the polling date set, I have been gripped by election fever together with the rest of the nation. This is like one grand celebration that happens only once every five years that everyone can participate in. This is also an event that will determine who will run the country and ultimately decides on the direction that our nation will take for the next half decade.

The excitement got me to thinking about the various political parties and the manifestos that they will be presenting to the electorate. In my mind, the Barisan Nasional (BN) had always been the ruling party and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) the opposition. Several bloggers have also written about why they will vote for the opposition. Then it struck me that once the Parliament is dissolved, we no longer have a ruling party and an opposition party. Every political party now starts afresh and are equals in standing, hypothetically, that is. Subsequently, any party, be it the BN, DAP or PAS, that has a majority in the Parliament can become the next ruling party.

As for me, I said I will neither vote for the ruling party nor the opposition party because those two no longer exist. There are only political parties that are vying to become the next ruling party and form the next government. The one with the lesser seats will have to be contented with becoming the opposition party. I will vote for any political party or candidate that respects the rights and dignity of the people that they will be governing for another term. I will vote for a candidate that will walk his talk. That was what I wrote in my election manifesto. Therefore, how the two bloggers came to the conclusion that I will not be voting in this general election is perplexing indeed.

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

11 thoughts on “Some Malaysian Bloggers Have Poor Comprehension Of The English Language”

  1. no one bothers to read thoroughly anymore. that’s the problem.

    But I am very thorough whenever I read your blog! Every word, every sentence, every paragraph is thoroughly digested and…

  2. it does happen occasionally editing slip-ups or just poor language skills. to me it is just a part of the equation. the other part is content. I normally skim through , scan for important details and when a post is particularly outstanding., slow down to enjoy it. 🙂

    That is how it should be but some people prefer to skim through and comment before fully understanding the message of the entry.

  3. That’s the problem. Like suanie said, no one bother to take some time to read carefully before leaving any comments. Should not pity them that they ended up as laughing stocks, they deserved it.

    This is a reflection of the world we are living in now. Everyone is in a rush to do everything. Welcome to the era of instant coffee, instant noodles and instant gratification. Reading carefully is almost a lost art unless one is a lawyer.

  4. then it comes out from the other end is it?!


    Then I savour the sensation, smell and whatever you threw in to make reading your blog such a pleasurable thing to do.

  5. As I noted before, I got what you mean fairly quickly. The problem with Malaysians is that Govermnet = Bee Ann and Opposition = everybody else. They seem to have forgotten that once Parliament is dissolved, we don’t have a “government” anymore….

    = MENJ

    Yes, some people just do not get it unless it is stated it plainly to them.

  6. yes peter, you’re right. malaysia education system is so bad and critical until most of us has problem in english and even malay language skill. i have to admit that i am the victim of anwar ibrahim’s education policy in which he more favored in malay language policy in teaching. so, sad.

    i realized that every time a change in education minister post, the education system are also change. from 3M to KBSR/M and even we cannot decide whether to use bahasa melayu or bahasa malaysia. malaysia education system are manipulated and used as a testing ground by those minister who not have the qualification and the standard to be trusted in maintaining the essential part of the country.

    i read your previous post and immediately understand what you trying to mean. i never though of any misunderstand from anyone. now, when you mention about the poor understanding in english language and analysis skills of those who read your blog it really struck me about the poor quality of the malaysia education system even up to the university standard.

    yes, your concept of there is no ruling party and opposition party is true. we’re so used to Barisan National as a ruling party and DAP, PAS and KEADILAN as the opposition because the trend never change since we got our independent. it is so hard to vote for anyone who walk his talk. not even the DAP, PAS and KEADILAN has any good manifesto and experience to offer because they are too busy to find the weaknesses of the Barisan Nasional.

    We are still a nation looking desperately for an identity that we can call our own, hence the flipflop policy between Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Malaysia.

    I have had university students doing their research on disability expecting me to spoonfeed them all the way. There was just no desire to do a critical analysis of the subject. From the way they requested for information, I might as well write the entire paper for them. Mind you, this was not an isolated incident. I will not be surprised that they will take this laziness to think attitude with them when they leave the university.

  7. My suggestion is for you to write something which is easier for other bloggers and reader to understand directly when read. Imagine how many blogs we have to read every day. If we are kind enough, you get a comment. Or if you are popular enough, you get more.

    I am neither into blogging for popularity nor here to pander to anyone’s fancy. There are more than one way to skin a cat. Likewise, there are many ways one can choose to write on a selected topic. You come, you read, you like it, you are welcomed to return for more. If not, thank you for dropping by anyway. It is not your place to come and tell me how I should write here. Your suggestion is noted but no thank you. This is my blog and I shall continue to write how I so wish.

  8. Stay on course. There is an upsurge of “blue wave” lovers going around. So best you speak to what you have in mind. I enjoy reading your blog and will continue to read it. Who cares if whichever party wins. Do we get anything in return? I guess at most, we get crap like ” it looks like me, it sounds like me, it’s not me – correct, correct, correct…I will fight even with an army, close down the brother schools, bocorism…..aiya…I think I have said enough.

    The compass is working. 😀

  9. Hi Peter (n all Malaysian Chinese),
    Gong Xi Fa Chai. Wonderful postings u have in here. I pity the less fortunate people being ‘ignored’ despite their matters being mentioned in the media. These media, yes, they are all the mainstream ones that published the stories of how the disabled go around in the society. It’s just a gimmick. They tried to show that they are pitiful but actually they are sitting down in their comfy chairs doing other stuff.
    On our quality of English, I think it the curriculum matter should be looked into seriously. In my case, I like good English. I salute good English users. But when I use the language I tend to make so many mistakes. I am not a verbal person though and that’s why I prefer writing because I can organise what I’m going to deliver.

    Gong xi fa cai. Please do not pity disabled people. We prefer the equalization of opportunities. Work with us to make Malaysia a country that does not discriminate against disabled people.

  10. hello mr tan, it’s been quite some time since i’ve last been here. well, continue to write the way you do! i enjoy reading good english. sometimes it’s really infuriating to read bad grammar, especially when it’s coming from people who should’ve known better.

    Thank you, Ms Leong. When lar you want to go yum cha with me?

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