Cat From Outer Space

Cat with cone collar
Fei Por with the cone collar.
Photo by Wuan.

“I come in peace. Take me to your leader.”

Fei Por has been wearing the cone collar since the day we took her back from the vet in Ipoh last Friday. She has an open sore that she kept licking, making it raw. It looked painful. The collar has effectively prevented her from doing that. The sore is healing day by day. She was also prescribed antihistamines, antibiotics and iodine solution. Although she refuses to take the tablets, Wuan has little problem making her swallow them.

We have to keep her in the house to prevent her from wandering around the neighbourhood for now. Hopefully the collar can be removed soon so that we can let her out. She looks uncomfortable and miserable cooped up inside. Cheeky is not helping either by playing rough with her every now and then although she is very patient with his antics.

Author: Peter Tan

Peter Gabriel Tan. Penangite residing in the Klang Valley. Blissfully married to Wuan. A LaSallian through and through. Slave to three cats. Wheelchair user since 1984. End-stage renal disease since 2017. Principal Facilitator at Peter Tan Training specialising in Disability Equality Training. Former columnist of Breaking Barriers with The Borneo Post. This blog chronicles my life, thoughts and opinions. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Cat From Outer Space”

  1. That’s the collar of shame! LoL…

    I see you watched the boring guinea pigs movie. Fei por is wearing the collar of healing lar.

  2. No lah, not from the boring guinea pig movie. I didn’t watch that.

    The movie is UP, must watch!

    I like UP – many nice tender moments.

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