Sentul Park Ducks

Sentul Park duck
Friendly Sentul Park duck.

These ducks are an attraction at the Sentul Park. They would casually swim around the pond to put on a show for the audience standing by the banks. Whenever we are at KLPac, Wuan would make it a point to photograph these ducks. She brought along some bread when we went there last Sunday. We waved the bread at the ducks resting at the far end of the bank beside the Koi Centre. One responded and waddled across the dam to us.

There used to be five when we first step foot in Sentul Park in February 2008 for Victor Chin’s photo exhibition at KLPac. When we went again in November the same year, Wuan only saw three ducks. Last weekend, we only saw two. I wonder what happened to the rest. We may go again this weekend, and perhaps bring some corn kernels and oat groats for them.

Author: Peter Tan

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3 thoughts on “Sentul Park Ducks”

  1. wow..nice duck..but the number seems to be going down..that is just sad…

    These duck are really fat and cute. Yeah, it is a pity…

  2. We have Mallard and Muscovy ducks in Florida. They are wild and protected from being hunted. There are 2 ponds behind my office. You will see ducklings in spring time. I witnessed a hawk grabbing a duckling. It was horrifying for the mama duck and her ducklings. She scrambled to distract the hawk but was no matched for the hawk’s agility.
    I think 1 out of 10 of ducklings will make it to adult hood. It is a very tough life for baby animals.

    I have not seen wild ducks here in Malaysia before. Maybe there are but I seldom go to the places they stop in their annual migration. And I do not know what happened to the other duck at Sentul Park. I sure hope they were not poached for the dinner table.

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