Sentul Park Ducks

Sentul Park duck
Friendly Sentul Park duck.

These ducks are an attraction at the Sentul Park. They would casually swim around the pond to put on a show for the audience standing by the banks. Whenever we are at KLPac, Wuan would make it a point to photograph these ducks. She brought along some bread when we went there last Sunday. We waved the bread at the ducks resting at the far end of the bank beside the Koi Centre. One responded and waddled across the dam to us.

There used to be five when we first step foot in Sentul Park in February 2008 for Victor Chin’s photo exhibition at KLPac. When we went again in November the same year, Wuan only saw three ducks. Last weekend, we only saw two. I wonder what happened to the rest. We may go again this weekend, and perhaps bring some corn kernels and oat groats for them.

Numpueng’s FUNdamental At KLPac

Numpueng's FUNdamental acrylic on canvas paintings at KLPac
Visitors viewing Numpueng’s paintings at KLPac.
Photo by Wuan.

Wuan and I enjoy Numpueng‘s colourful paintings very much. The first time we viewed them were at her joint exhibition with Victor Chin at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) last year. They were of butterflies, stars and flowers in a multitude of bright and happy colours. Those paintings were surefire ways to brighten up even the dullest of rooms.

Numpueng's FUNdamental paintings exhibition at KLPac
Happy cows and pigs and mouse.
Photo by Wuan.

Numpueng is currently holding the third series of her acrylic on canvas paintings exhibition at the foyer of Pentas 2 at KLPac. This time, there is a horse, cows, pigs, teddy bear, trains, flowers, butterlies and bees – all in the same jovial and colourful style. The exhibition is open from 10am to 10pm and will end on December 6. Wuan and I were there yesterday. We really liked the cow series but it was already sold. At least we Wuan took some photos of these very cute cows.

Party at Numpueng's FUNdamental painting exhibition at KLPac
The party for visitors and friends to Numpueng’s FUNdamental exhibition at KLPac.

Numpueng and Victor also hosted a small party for friends and visitors by the small pond outside the KLPac building. Like the paintings, the party was fun with kids, who are Seenum‘s friends, scampering all over the place. Seenum is Victor and Numpueng’s son. I got breathless just watching the kids at play. This must surely come with age.

Our Photo Exhibition Has Ended

Last day of the photographis exhibition at KLPac
Last day of our photographic exhibition on the death of our mothers at KLPac.

The joint photographic exhibition titled “Exits – The Mysteries of Death” with Victor Chin and Wuan ended last Sunday. I felt a little sad and lost as Victor and Wuan began taking down the frames. It took this long to sink in that we do not need to go to KLPac anymore on weekends.

Victor and Wuan taking down the frames
Victor and Wuan taking down the frames hanging on the wall and panels.

Wuan and I and Victor spent six weekends at KLPac talking to visitors and sharing with them the stories behind the images. In talking, we relived the pain and anguish of experiencing the deaths of our mothers respectively. Yet, it was also a celebration to us – celebrating the love and care that our mothers had imparted to us. In sharing with visitors, we also came to realise many more aspects of our parents that we never knew.

Victor and Wuan arranging the frame for transportation
Packing up to leave.

At the same time, the images brought out a lot of emotions in our visitors, with many of them telling us that they were reminded of their loved ones. A number had tears in their eyes as they recalled the last moments they spent with a parent or a grandparent.

Bare wall and panels at KLPac's Pentas 2 foyer.
The bare wall and panels. The end of our exhibition.

Wuan and I are extremely glad that Victor took us under his wings and guided us along the way. Never had I envisioned to share the photographs of my mother and of her funeral in such a way. It was a liberating experience to be able to open up to strangers on a subject as intimate as this. Besides, death is something we seldom want to talk about openly. Thank you, Victor, for taking us on this unforgettable journey. We would also like to thank friends and visitors who dropped by to share with us their stories and for leaving messages in the guest book.