Garmin Nuvi 205W

Garmin Nuvi 205W

Thanks to Palmdoc who blogged about the Garmin Nuvi 200, I realised that I do not have to lose my way in unfamiliar territory again, especially in Petaling Jaya and other parts of Selangor. Wuan and I have been checking around for an affordable GPS device for us to get off our usual beaten track for some fun and adventure. Most of the time, our weekend jaunts are to Mid Valley Megamall, 1 Utama and Ikano with occasional trips to Suria KLCC and Pavillion – occasional because parking at those two shopping complexes are prohibitively expensive.

I went for a check up at SJMC last weekend because the lump in my scrotum has actually gotten a little bigger. The urologist was not too worried about it and assured me that it is not cancerous and is most probably a cyst caused by an infection previously. An appointment has been made for an ultrasound of my scrotum next month for the urologist to get a better picture of what is happening down there.

After the check up, Wuan and I went to Subang Square to collect the Garmin Nuvi 205W that we booked. From there, we planned to go to Ikano. The nifty little device took us on a path we would not have taken but we got where we wanted to all right. Now, our weekend do not have to be visits to shopping complexes only. We plan to venture a little farther out using the Nuvi 205W to exercise our photography skills. It has been a while since I last shot images of unfamiliar subjects.

Whacked Out By Fever

The one good thing about being sick is that no matter how unhealthy I felt before that I would feel all hale and hearty after I got better. This is how I am feeling right now. It is a matter of perception but I am not complaining. I had fever last Friday. It went away on Saturday and I felt well enough to participate in an accessibility audit at Kuala Lumpur Sentral with a group of students from University Malaya. Early Monday morning, I had fever again. It consistently hovered above 39C. I was nauseous, light-headed and had abdominal pains. My body was burning hot.

Cedax (ceftibuten)

Wuan decided that I had delayed enough seeing a doctor for the persistent fever that has been plaguing me for the past few weeks. She duly took a one-day emergency leave and dragged me to SJMC. I was already feeling better when I reached the hospital. The urologist prescribed a one-week course of antibiotics for urinary tract infection and paracetamol for the fever. I also had to provide urine specimens for culture and sensitivity test to identify the bacteria that is causing the infection. I took the opportunity to ask him about the lump in my scrotum. He said that it will take a while for it to disappear.

Today is the second day I am on the antibiotics. The fever has not returned. I feel a little weak but generally I am almost my normal self again – a matter of perception that is. I have not eaten much since yesterday due to the nausea. I am going to take it easy for now. Wuan and I will be making a trip up north again soon and I want to be at my best of health to endure the long journey there and back. Besides, there is a lot of packing up that we need to do while we are in Penang and a lot of food that I am looking forward to eating while there.

Lump In Scrotum And Detrusitol SR 4mg

Detrusitol SR 4mg capsule and Detrusitol 2mg in their respective blister packs

The lump in the scrotum has been bothering me again of late. Prior to the discovery of the lump, I stopped driving for a while because my legs were spasmodic. When the spasms struck, my legs would get in the way of the hand controls and steering wheel. The spasms went away about one week after I finished the antibiotics.

Its size has not reduced much after the two-week course of antibiotics. The spasms have returned. I believe there is a relation between the spasms and the lump. I was at the UMMC Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic for my scheduled three-month check-up yesterday. The doctor examined the lump and advised me to get a biopsy done. I am going back to SJMC soon to have the lump checked again by the urologist.

When I went to collect my supply of medication, the pharmacist changed my dosage of Detrusitol from the 2mg twice a day to one 4mg once daily prolonged-release capsule. I told him that I have had problems with the 4mg capsule as it caused problems with urination. He told me that was the only dosage the pharmacy has now and if I prefer the 2mg tablet I have to get it elsewhere. I decided to give the 4mg capsules a try again.

I cannot understand why the pharmacy prefers to dispense the 4mg capsules instead of the 2mg tablets. A one-month supply of Detrusitol SR 4mg capsules costs RM249 while the Detrusitol 2mg tablets costs only RM170 when I last bought them myself. Anyway, the instruction was that I should take one capsule at night. Based on my previous experience with Detrusitol SR, I decided to take the capsule in the morning instead. I had my first dose this morning and will be monitoring my bladder’s reaction in the coming days.