WordPress 2.9.1 Upgrade

When WordPress 2.9 was released, I upgraded but trackbacks were not sent out. I reverted to 2.8.6. WordPress 2.9.1 corrected that but another long-standing problem I have been facing still remains. Trackback links successfully sent out remains in the “to_ping” column instead of moved to “pinged” column in the database. I wonder if this problem is unique to me or the server that this blog resides in or one that other WordPress users are facing too.

WordPress 2.8.4 Solved Trackback and Pingback Issues

I have been complaining about how trackbacks and pingbacks were not working after I upgraded from WordPress 2.6.5 to WordPress 2.7. The same problem cropped up when I upgraded to WordPress 2.8. Because of that issue, I was stuck with 2.6.5 for a while.

A few weeks back, when WordPress 2.8.4 was released, I tried my luck and upgraded to the latest version, yet again. At the same time I was anticipating the same problem with previous upgrades. To my surprise, trackbacks and pingbacks worked like a charm.

What I did was upgrade to the latest version from the Dashboard instead of downloading the compressed file from the WordPress website, unzipping it and then uploading to the server. That was what I usually did. Moreover, all that was needed in upgrading from the Dashboard was just one simple mouse click. I am a happy camper once again!

Trackback and Pingback Not Working in WordPress 2.8

I just downgraded WordPress 2.8 to WordPress 2.6.5. The same problem with trackback and pingback not working cropped up just like after WordPress 2.7 was installed. When I discovered that WordPress 2.8 was not sending trackbacks and pingbacks, I deactivated all plugins and used a different template. It was still no go. I deleted wp-admin and wp-includes, overwrote files in the root folder with similar files from WordPress 2.6.5 and copied the two folders over. As soon as I ran the upgrade script for WordPress 2.6.5 trackback and pingback from published entries were sent out. Looks like I am stuck with WordPress 2.6.5 for now until I find a way to make trackbacks and pingbacks work for the newer versions.