Penang Hawker Food

Koay kak
Koay kak.
Photo by Wuan.

Penang is famous for its hawker food. The dishes do not taste the same everywhere and the ingredients used may differ too. Therefore it takes a little hunting to get ones that are nice and relatively inexpensive. I usually do not patronise the more popular spots like Swatow Lane, Lorong Selamat or Gurney Drive because they are over-rated and more expensive than other places in the island.

Photo by Wuan

The food court at the Batu Lanchang incidentally is wheelchair friendly and parking spaces are in abundance. Whenever I am around the vicinity and looking for food, I would invariably stop there. Among my favourites there are the koay kak, popiah, che hoo and ais kacang.

Ais kacang
Ais kacang.
Photo by Wuan.

With this brief introduction of some of my favourite Penang hawker food, I am passing the baton to Minishorts. Thank you all for spending time here accompanying us throughout the Blogathon. For those who have not pledged, please do so now. This is all for a good cause. May God bless you all for your kindness.

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  1. I love the che hu at Batu Lanchang too! But for some reason, when I went back this trip, I thought that the one at Padang taste a lot better.

  2. kush4m3,
    I have not been to the padang for a long time. The one I like best is the man driving a van selling from place to place. As I remember, his sauce was thick and tasty. I wonder if he is still selling.


    Come come we go eat.

  3. batu lanchang…mmm long time never been there. used to checkout a cendol girl there 😀 a fair lady…

  4. This is a torture….. looking at your blog with all the pictures, make my little tummy here calling for Penang CHar Kuay Teow!!!!!!!
    Terrible person!!!!! 8-P

  5. terry,
    I do not know what to say… *shakes head*


    Shiau Lee,
    Come, my treat.

  6. yalaaaa so toturous PICs. makes me DROOLs for hours nia !!!!! hope you ppl
    post more more pics lar… *sigh* dunno when can fly bck to savor
    [ cuz the return time is like 52 hours 🙁 *sigh* ]
    those KILLERdelicous HOE LIEW hawkers creations of Penang agin.. hence . my
    nickname * got food pic. email me lor jackdcmd at yahoo okie? Keep up
    the good work/forum !!! *wink*

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