Our Photo Exhibition Has Ended

Last day of the photographis exhibition at KLPac
Last day of our photographic exhibition on the death of our mothers at KLPac.

The joint photographic exhibition titled “Exits – The Mysteries of Death” with Victor Chin and Wuan ended last Sunday. I felt a little sad and lost as Victor and Wuan began taking down the frames. It took this long to sink in that we do not need to go to KLPac anymore on weekends.

Victor and Wuan taking down the frames
Victor and Wuan taking down the frames hanging on the wall and panels.

Wuan and I and Victor spent six weekends at KLPac talking to visitors and sharing with them the stories behind the images. In talking, we relived the pain and anguish of experiencing the deaths of our mothers respectively. Yet, it was also a celebration to us – celebrating the love and care that our mothers had imparted to us. In sharing with visitors, we also came to realise many more aspects of our parents that we never knew.

Victor and Wuan arranging the frame for transportation
Packing up to leave.

At the same time, the images brought out a lot of emotions in our visitors, with many of them telling us that they were reminded of their loved ones. A number had tears in their eyes as they recalled the last moments they spent with a parent or a grandparent.

Bare wall and panels at KLPac's Pentas 2 foyer.
The bare wall and panels. The end of our exhibition.

Wuan and I are extremely glad that Victor took us under his wings and guided us along the way. Never had I envisioned to share the photographs of my mother and of her funeral in such a way. It was a liberating experience to be able to open up to strangers on a subject as intimate as this. Besides, death is something we seldom want to talk about openly. Thank you, Victor, for taking us on this unforgettable journey. We would also like to thank friends and visitors who dropped by to share with us their stories and for leaving messages in the guest book.

The Post-Wedding Banquet Post

Wuan has gone back to work. All outstanding matters for the wedding banquet have been settled. The joint photo exhibition with Victor Chin has been up and running for more than one week already. Things are back to normal, well almost. Today is the first time in many weeks that I can sit back, relax and gather my thoughts coherently. So many people to thank; so many photos to sort. More on this and some others in the next few entries. For now, I just want to enjoy the serenity and peace of mind.

Remembering Mum – Sixth Month

Time flies. Six months have gone by since Mum?s passing away. Early today, Peter (my cousin) and I, together with Yanti (our maid) went to the Mount Erskine Columbarium to light candles and say prayers for Mum at her niche. It was a simple affair in remembrance of Mum. At the same time, it was an emotional one for me. It was difficult indeed not to feel sad in the presence of Mum?s remains.

No matter how well we are prepared to face the death of a loved one, no matter how many deaths of loved ones we had faced before, the actual death itself is one that is most difficult to bear. I thought I could eventually cope with the grief of losing Mum as time passes, but after six months, I still feel a deep sense of loss that is just so difficult to shake off. Mum is too deeply ingrained in me, and rightly so. I am her progeny.