Fei Por To Go On A Slimming Diet

Fei Por the fat cat showing her tummy
Fei Por showing her tummy.
Photo by Wuan.

I went through more of the photos that Wuan took of Fei Por recently. The one above is incriminating. Fei Por needs to go on a slimming diet immediately. I do not want her to die of heart attack before her time. She should be around five years old (36 in cats years) now and has many more years ahead. I am going to get Wuan to cut down on her meal portions. It is for her own good. Putting her on a diet is one thing but how do you get a lazy cat to exercise?

Should We Rename Her Pork Chop?

Fei Por the fat cat
Fei Por aka Pork Chop.
Photo by Wuan.

When Fei Por first came and made our home hers three years ago, she was already rotund, hence the name. Her idea of exercise was to walk from the basket where she slept and napped to her feeding bowl a mere meter away, and going out of the compound to do her business. In the three years that she has been with us, she had at least three litters of kittens but none survived. That was when we decided to spay her.

Occasionally, she would chase away female cats that dared to stray into her territory; male cats she allowed to come into the garden. That was how she got fleas on her and consequently the sore from licking the spot where the fleas made their home on her. That was also about all she did. Wuan even had to get a mouse trap to catch the rats that have been terrorising the garden. Fei Por just could not be bothered with the rodents scampering all over the place.

We have kept her in the house the past month because she is wearing a cone collar. We do not want her to get caught at the gate while squeezing through the grilles. The sore on her buttocks has healed. We will let her out after the scabs have fallen off, which is any time soon. Hopefully, she will not get anymore flea infestations after this.

She has balloned up even more since staying inside. She still gets the same amount of food. We attribute the obesity to her extremely sedentary lifestyle. She eats and sleeps only. The toys that get Cheeky excited do not work on her. She would just look at them nonchalantly. She would not move to allow me to pass even when she was blocking my way. That is how lazy she is.

If she continues putting on weight like this, she is going to resemble Totoro soon. We are not sure if she can go out through the grilles or not now. She already had problems going through the last few months. She definitely has to go on a diet after we let her out. It would be a tragedy the day we have to cut the grilles to release her should her belly gets stuck in between.

Panoramic View Of Taman Pekaka, Taman Lip Sin And Bukit Jambul

Panoramic view of Taman Pekaka, Taman Lip Sin and Bukit Jambul
Panoramic view of Taman Pekaka, Taman Lip Sin and Bukit Jambul.
Click on image to enlarge.

The image in the previous entry did not do justice to what I could actually see from the bedroom window in my apartment in Penang. The view from the 20th floor is practically unobstructed to Teluk Kumbar and all the way to the Straits of Melaka in the horizon. On clear days, I could see the tail of aircrafts on the runway at the Penang International Airport.

There are a lot of memories locked in that 850 square feet of space 30 meters up in the air. Mum spent the last four years of her life there, and I another two years after she passed away. Since 2006, after I moved down to Kuala Lumpur, I have been in two minds whether to keep the apartment or put it up for sale. I will definitely miss the breathtaking view should I decide to sell it off.